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Inform yourself and vote.

If you don’t vote,
…shut up.

「不投票,就閉嘴。」是Tu Rock es Votar(To Rock is To Vote)對墨西哥年輕人的訴求,要年輕人用選票發表自己對社會的意見。算是墨西哥版本的 Rock the Vote(美國)。墨西哥總統大選星期天投票。他們的宣傳還包含由MTV Maxico製作,訪問每位候選人的談話節目,年輕人可以用e-mail或是街頭訪談上發問。

(我在Washington Post Video上面看到的;網站上有那部影片,裡面的西班牙文版廣告有打英文字幕。)


Tu Rock es Votar(Your Rock is To Vote), inspired by Rock the Vote, is a campaign for young voters to speak their opinions to the society and to vote for the president of Mexico. The election will be held on Sunday.

(Via Washington Post Video. Go to their website to see TV ads with English subtitle.)

I wonder what kind of campaign can be organised to get young people in Taiwan to believe their votes could change our society. The next election for Taiwanese president is in March 2008.