Taiwan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

This is something share-worthy or even celebrate-worthy.

I was enthusiastic viewer of Last Week Tonight until I was stopped by compassion fatigue. After decades of exposure to late-night since Jon Stewart, I was looking for a break from having the news telling me what I should be angry about.

Yet, the issue of political status of Taiwan is surely something dear to me. I especially like the take-away — the place, the island, shouldn’t always just be mentioned in passing when talking about China; the people there deserve to decide their own future.

Something to make a note of.

Computer Security In The Past, Present and Future, with Mikko Hypponen

If you are into computer security and not a security expert, this is a great talk by Mikko Hypponen. He is a security researcher from F-Secure.

Some of the highlights from the talk includes a floppy disk containing the first known computer virus from Pakistan; Y2K and Y38K (“Try to set the date to year 2038 on your smart phone; you can’t”); introduction to Stuxnet and it’s implications; implication to network security as the world become more connected with IoT devices.

One of the comment worthy remembering was (paraphrasing): when he started his career, he didn’t know he would be fighting against state actors, and/or gun-carrying organized criminals who would literally jump over the window to flee.

He also highly recommends the movie Zero Day, a documentary about Stuxnet.