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So, CornGuo tagged me back; I will share more thing about me here (or not?):

  1. Shyness: Most people don’t know that I was born shy. I refuse to go on stage and participate team sports before I was 10. Later in my life, I spent a great deal of time to overcome the stage fright, but I never had chance to enjoy the sports thing; that was to late I guess.
  2. Private: Despite strong Internet presence, deep down I am still a private person. There are still things I don’t feel comfortable to talk about even to my closest friends; Not the that I don’t trust them or it’s something embarrassing, I just don’t feel talking about them even it’s something important to me that even I do acknowledge they should know.
  3. Math: I am not good at math, really. Math is the thing about me that echoes what Jeff had said: “The more you hate something, the more it’ll come back to you.” When I went to college, I didn’t know physics is about the ability to see through given mathematical rules that describes nature than “instincts” that I once I thought I have. Even if I switch my career to Computer Science, the theories behind is still heavily rely on mathematics. Math and algebra will save my life, even on Planet Earth it does. But do I really want to be saved?
  4. Aquarius People: I don’t believe in Astrology, yet people born under Aquarius have the ability to see me through. So please tell me ahead if you born under Aquarius before we know each other more, so I can prepare myself. What’d happened between me and Aquariusians? That’s another long long story.

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