Violence as a form of speech

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Je suis Charlie - Cri à la Craie

One of my favorite graphic novels is the book “Planetes”. In it’s volume 1, the story began with a terrorist attack, took place in a mega city-colony on the Moon, in year 2075. While the struggle of the terrorist group and it’s ideology made a great plot device for the one of the themes, the story shockingly implies people have to result in terrorism action, in the late 21st century, to get their voice heard. Even with all the engineering achievement the human race have managed to build a colony on the Moon.

Journalism is a form of free speech. Money is another. Violence, is, unfortunately yet another that still exists today. I truly wish we, as a global civilization, can make social-economical advancements that could put an end to violence as a form of speech. An advancement that could exceed all others in science, technology, or simply when the number on the calendar increments.

To the victims of violence in Paris, and in all place and time.