Mozilla as a social moment of the open web

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Some reflection from recent MozTW offline events and PCHome magazine interview we gave:

The web applications and the browsers will become the so-called “the cloud computing” environment, where everything you wrote, song, and filmed are stored and shared between people. Every piece of information will be interconnected.

That’s what the trend had told me, from big things like Google building a browser, to small everyday things like identities and information being shared and transfered between websites.

Here is what Bob said when he heard that from me (well, not the exact words of course, since I am writing it down here in English):

If this is the trend, then the the role of Mozilla Foundation is to make sure what we believed in will be deeply embedded  into that future. The believes, like the web should be build upon open standards; identities should be decentralized; the information and the wisdom within should be easily preservable and sharable with the consent of the authors; etc.

Mozilla is a foundation that runs a software company, and a social moment of the open web.

Wow. Being a small contributer to the Firefox software, I never pictured so clearly this is what we do stands for. Glad to be one of us.

Mozilla, the social moment of open web. And they have plans… the fraking robots.