Leaving Mozilla

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Last week, I ended my journey at Mozilla. The decision to leave was bittersweet, but I felt it was the right time for me to try something new instead.

I am sincerely grateful to everyone who took their chances on me. I am thankful for the lemons too — you can’t make lemonade without them!

During my time at Mozilla, I worked on now-defunct Firefox OS as an engineer and later manager. I helped built the short-lived “Taipei Development Center” as well. It was quite a ride. Last year, as an individual contributor, I spent a large chunk of my time moving web content UIs to a Shadow DOM-based widget architecture, which shipped last week in Firefox 65.

I would like to share this paragraph from my goodbye letter to my colleagues here:

The internet has an impact on humanity akin to the printing press. For better or worse, we are in a place in time where we are empowered to shape the future for the next 500 years, just like what the printing press had done for the last 500 years. May we all find our ways to tame the beast.

I am joining Apple to work on MapKit JS. Looking at how modern web applications are built is a great opportunity to reflect my experience building a browser. I am looking forward to find out what I can contribute.