Computer Security In The Past, Present and Future, with Mikko Hypponen

If you are into computer security and not a security expert, this is a great talk by Mikko Hypponen. He is a security researcher from F-Secure.

Some of the highlights from the talk includes a floppy disk containing the first known computer virus from Pakistan; Y2K and Y38K (“Try to set the date to year 2038 on your smart phone; you can’t”); introduction to Stuxnet and it’s implications; implication to network security as the world become more connected with IoT devices.

One of the comment worthy remembering was (paraphrasing): when he started his career, he didn’t know he would be fighting against state actors, and/or gun-carrying organized criminals who would literally jump over the window to flee.

He also highly recommends the movie Zero Day, a documentary about Stuxnet.

Impostor syndrome

I kind of missed my blogging target last year, because I didn’t feel I am in the right place. A place where I have some authority to talk about a few more things.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that’s exactly how it feels like to be an impostor.

It is said, the impostor syndrome is a good thing. It’s a form of self-awareness, it helps you by allowing you to step back and understand your limits and find the ways to improve yourself. Blah Blah Blah. We all heard about it, and we all talked about it when wanted to give our friends some encouragement. Still, it’s harder to acknowledge that when you experience the impostor syndrome yourself.

It didn’t come at the right time either, as I have experienced a lot of life changes lately. The dust, unfortunately, won’t settle until later part of this year. I will share more when I can.

Thank you for reading a rant from an impostor.