I (might) corrected Google homepage today

Today, according to IYA 2009 official website, is 400th anniversary of Galileo demonstrating his telescope to Venetian lawmakers. Google, with all the astronomy lovers like us, changed their homepage worldwide to mark the day.

It was 6am and I was forced to woke up early due to fighting noises over the phone call of my parents. I noticed the Google logo posted on pingooo’s plurk timeline (FYI, Plurk = a Twitter-like service in Taiwan), however I also noticed the tooltip (title=”) description on the Google Taiwan homepage was incorrectly translated.

On the English Google it reads “400th Anniversary of Galileo’s Telescope”, and on the Taiwanese homepage it was translated as “伽利略望遠鏡發明400周年”, which means “400th Anniversary since Galileo invented Telescope.”

Since pingooo himself works at Google, I replied pingooo’s plurk message, explaining that the home page was wrong, that telescopes was invented a long time ago since Galileo, what he did at the time was improved it and observed the heavenly body with it for the very first time. Within an hour the Google home page changed the sentence to the current version “伽利略天文望遠鏡發明400周年 (400th Anniversary since Galileo invented Astronomical Telescope)”. Quite fast for a big company such as Google.

Not sure if I am the first one to notify the error, it surely feels good to have a direct, Twitter-like channel to get in contact and to have things done.

2009 科學季 – 仰觀蒼穹四百年特展



雖然無法全程參與,但我去報名了展場解說員。跟展場規劃的團隊接觸過,有可能會有幾台電腦裝 Stellarium 讓大家動手玩。



國際天文年主題曲「Shoulders of Giants」

IYA站在巨人的肩膀上,我們會看到更多。《Shoulders of Giants》是 AstroCappella 的國際天文年主題曲,歌詞超棒,聽到的時候感動的快掉眼淚了。

The world turns round and round now around 400 years have flown
since Galileo’s telescope first focused the unknown
Now we use bigger glass to peer into the past
And we’re discovering the Universe’s secrets at last

And there are geysers on Saturn’s icy moon
and planets circling hundreds of stars
while all the Universe expands like a balloon
from Galileo’s tiny scope we’ve come so far

我覺得我沒有翻譯這首歌的能力,所以只能請你自己點上面的連結去看歌詞了。MP3 檔案的連結在此。