The Web We Have to Save

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The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying.
Why is nobody stopping it?

The Web We Have to Save by Hossein Derakhshan

就像進入了時光機,這位作者因為他的部落格被伊朗政府監禁了 7 年。這是他被釋放之後第一篇英文部落格,詳述了他所看到的 Web 的變化。這篇文章和 Anil Dash 之前那篇「The Web We Lost」有著相似的觀點,只是這次,描述的筆觸多了無盡的個人感懷,畢竟這位作者失去了因而坐牢的那些事物。

Just like being pulled into a time machine, the author of this post was jailed by Iranian government for 7 years because of his blog posts. This is his first blog post in English after his release, detailing the changes of the Web he have seen. The post shared a similar view with the post “The Web We Lost” by Anil Dash — but this time, the descriptions come with an immersive personal touch, since what have changed was the things that the author have went to jail for.