Map and Satellite Images on Web

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Google Maps finally covers high-resolution image near my home – the eastern part of Taipei. It’s kind of strange that they didn’t cover this area – where the highest building of the world is – at the first place.

No, I won’t tell you where my home is. If you visiting my site frequently, you would notice that my home is in the region that accidentally black-out yesterday.

Google Sightseeing immediately put the introduction on their page.

Before Google had done that, UrMap has already providing maps of Taiwan with satellite image taken by Taiwan-owned satellite – the FormoSat 2. They released their API yesterday, and should enable a lot of coding geeks here to localize U.S. websites using Google Maps API (e.g. where to find wireless internet access.)

Another question comes into my mind is that when FormoSat 2 was made, they claim the max resolution would be 2m – images on UrMap just don’t seems that good, even worse than Google.

Google Maps 終於把我家的位置 —— 台北東區提升到高解析度了;到處都有衛星地圖,竟然沒有照到世界最高的大樓這區是怎樣XD。


Google Sightseeing 那時候很快就把台北101的介紹貼出來了。

在 Google 侵犯台北東區的隱私之前,台灣本地廠商 UrMap 已經把台灣的地圖和衛星照片全部貼出來了;用的衛星照片還是福爾摩沙衛星二號拍的。UrMap昨天也正式發表了它們的 Map API ,這應該會讓一堆台灣網站設計師很興奮的開始寫美國利用 Google Maps API 的網站的台灣版本(例如城市免費無線網路攻略之類的。)

倒是我心中有個問題:福衛二號建造的時候它們說衛星照片的最高解析度是2公尺平方,但是 UrMap 上面的影像好像沒有這麼清楚,甚至比 Google 還差。