Internet History Podcast:早期 Web 發展史

Internet History Podcast 是一個研究以及介紹早期 Web 與 Internet 歷史的 Podcast。我是從湾区日报看到的。報主原本推薦聽一開始 Netscape 的那幾集,但是聽了幾集之後發現這一切是過去聽過的故事(像是 Code Rush)的背景。這些故事也讓我了解現在許多網路業的既成模式的發展背景,例如以廣告為營利模式的商業模式、開放的 Open Web 與封閉的 walled garden 的競爭、私有服務試圖快速擴張的「平台化」策略、微軟的 Windows 優勢對其他公司的威脅以及這些公司和他競爭合作的策略。當然,還有傳說中的「Information Superhighway」以及有線電視產業對其失敗的投資。

那是一個建立現在網路業舞台的時代。這個舞台的角色換了,但是舞台本身到現在還是沒有什麼很大改變。聽聽這些故事也比較能夠了解老闆到底在想什麼 🙂

Ben’s Story of Firefox OS

Like my good old colleague Ben Francis, I too have a lot to say about Firefox OS.

It’s been little over a year since my team and I moved away from Firefox OS and the ill-fated Connected Devices group. Over the course of last year, each time I think about the Firefox OS experience, I arrived at different conclusions and complicated, sometimes emotional, belives. I didn’t feel I am ready to take a snapshot of these thoughts and publish it permanently, so I didn’t write about it here. Frankly, I don’t even think I am ready now.

In his post, Ben has pointed out many of the turning points of the project. I agree with many of his portrayals, most importantly, lost of direction between being a product (which must ship fast and deliver whatever partners/consumers wanted and used to) and a research project (which involves engineering endeavors that answer questions asked in the original announcement). I, however, have not figured out what can be done instead (which Ben proposed in his post nicely).

Lastly, a final point: to you, this might as well be another story in the volatile tech industry, but to me, I felt the cost of people enormously whenever a change was announced during the “slow death” of Firefox OS.

People moves on and recovers, including me (which fortunately wasn’t nearly being hit the hardest). I can only extend my best wishes to those who had fought the good fight with.


Time Well Spent 是一個宣導科技產品設計應該以人的價值為出發點的網站。他批評目前的科技產品以延長使用者的使用時間為目標,介面與互動總是設計成讓人會無法抗拒的繼續使用下去,或是竭盡所能地想要得到使用者的注意力,打斷現在正在專心做的事情。

這兩天和影片的作者聯絡,請他把 YouTube 的字幕翻譯功能打開,把中文字幕翻譯好。如果您在設計您的下一個網站或是 App,這是一個值得考慮的目標。

(人到了 30 歲對時間就會有不同的看法…)